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This is our interpretation of 50’s fashion which is still inspiring us to discover all shades of femininity – the essence of an everlasting style, and the manifestation of women’s power, independence and creativity. We have made it especially for you!

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Flawless perfection of the cuts outlines the timeless elegance of the designs from the Muliere Winter’18 collection. We know that only manual work provides the highest quality, and that is why we create our coats with care, and attention to every detail.

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Beauty comes in many colors, tones and shades. The color scheme of the Muliere Winter’18 collection is the canvas on which we build a story about the universal beauty of fashion, inspired by the 1950’s. The subdued palette of noble navy blue, camel cashmere, mysterious green, and different shades of black creates subtle elegance that always fits.

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Every smallest seam adds up to the final beauty of the Muliere Winter’18 collection. That is why we have made every effort to ensure that each detail – designed and crafted with reverence – brings a certain value to the project. We create fashion that not only has a form, but also a meaning in the language of classical elegance.

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Made out of passion for beauty

Hand & heart crafted

Muliere loves beauty and top quality. The brand creates coats and accessories that are a tribute to a woman. We are fascinated by sublime delicacy, mysteriousness and emotionality of  women, for whom we create fashion in a timeless style. We sew with passion – by and heart.

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